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Some full-text books, articles, bibliographies and dissertations are available free on the Web, as are abstracts (summaries) of many articles on crane research and conservation. Ozcranes hosts resources in Downloads», including Dr George Archibald's classic papers on the ‘Sarolga’ Brolga-Sarus hybrid, and Sarus Crane and Brolga breeding ecology in the Gulf. Please contact us to suggest more crane library sources add or report broken links.

Libraries and journals


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Books: Online

Three books on crane biology, ecology and conservation first published between 1983 and 1996 can be downloaded free. Further research has added or clarified a number of issues, but these are still valuable background resources.

The Cranes: Status survey and conservation action plan

CD Meine and GW Archibald (eds), 1996. The Cranes: Status survey and conservation action plan. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland, and Cambridge, UK.

‘The Cranes’ covers status and conservation for all 15 world crane species and can be downloaded free from the IUCN Library, pdf 8MB. An updated volume involving all members of the IUCN Crane Specialist Group, including in Australia, will be published in 2019

Cranes of the World

PA Johnsgard, 1983. Cranes of the World. Originally published by University of Indiana.

Now available for free download as a series of pdfs from Digital Commons at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Cranes: Their biology, husbandry and conservation

D Ellis, G Gee and C Mirande. 1996. Cranes: Their biology, husbandry and conservation. US Government agencies and the ICF.

Download from ICF Library.

Books: Offline

Scientific information about Brolgas and Australian Sarus Cranes, and knowledge gaps to 1992, are summarised in HANZAB Volume 2, which is now undergoing revision. Although dated, the printed HANZAB is a major resource for information about Australian cranes up to 1992. It is out of print, and upwards of $200 USD on Amazon, but is available in the reference section of most major Australian university and public libraries.

S Marchant and PJ Higgins (eds), 1993. Handbook of Australian, New Zealand and Antarctic birds Vol 2, Raptors to Lapwings. Oxford University Press, Melbourne.

Brolgas & Sarus – Popular Books

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Australian dissertations

Six Australian university dissertations (Honours and MSc) have addressed Brolga populations, all but one in southern Australia. Ozcranes Research hosts three abstracts and one full thesis (links below). Two PhD studies are currently underway, project pages in Ozcranes Research».

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Ozcranes has bibliographies on some specific topic pages, some other suggested sources of reading lists –

Crane sounds and video

Resources on Crane Art & culture»

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