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Ozcranes is for everyone interested in Brolga and Sarus Crane research and conservation

The Australian Crane Network is an informal grouping of scientists, writers, community groups, landowners and bird observers, sharing information about the Brolga Antigone rubicunda in Australia and New Guinea, and the Sarus Crane Antigone antigone in Australia. The Network is linked to crane research and conservation worldwide. We hope Ozcranes will be especially useful for people managing crane habitat, from swamps and dams to crops and pasture.

Ozcranes ~ Online since 1 September, 2005

Explore Ozcranes growing resources about Brolgas and Sarus Cranes, thanks to contributions from many generous writers and photographers. You can visit every page through the Site Map or just wander around: the logo at top left always returns to the Home page. Links to crane-related projects and new contributions are welcome.

Latest: Webinar on reintroduction of Eastern Sarus Cranes to Thailand; new Ozcranes pages on crane art and research; and a new project to study Brolga DNA via feathers. News links in Sidebar to right →


Crane art

Crane art

Brolga Wetland Brolga chick Brolga footprint Red soil Crane counter Sarus Crane
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