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Ozcranes News has the latest from our four sections (Info, Research, Australia-New Guinea Cranes and Conservation). The Diary lists crane-related events plus Natural Resource Management meetings in the Northern and Southern Gulf Regions, which include the main known Australian breeding area for Sarus Cranes.

Please contact us with your news items and events for the Diary. For projects or databases accepting sightings, please see Ozcranes Research».

New pages

Ozcranes has new pages for Brolgas in New Guinea, Calls of Brolgas and Sarus Cranes, and Where to view Sarus Cranes in Australia. The Sarus breeding FAQs are updated with new maps, and we link to five recent research papers on Australian cranes.

Brolgas in New Guinea

↓ Grassland and savannah wetlands near Bensbach, Transfly, Papua New Guinea (Iain Taylor)


Very little is known about the Brolga population which inhabits the Transfly Region of southern-central New Guinea (partly in Papua New Guinea and partly in Papua, Indonesia). In Ozcranes New Guinea Brolgas» page we look at the background for New Guinea Brolgas, knowledge to date, and a new research project to investigate possible migration and interbreeding with Australian Brolgas. The project will use genetic analysis of moulted feathers as already used to show crane migration between breeding areas in the Gulf Plains and wintering areas on the Atherton Tablelands (see Tim Nevard's research»).

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Calls of Brolgas and Australian Sarus Cranes

A new page on Crane calls in Australia» with information on types of calls, and recordings. The playable recordings allow comparison between Sarus and Brolga calls in the field. We are especially grateful to Les MacPherson of Canterbury, New Zealand, for providing archival calls of both species, and to K.S. Gopi Sundar for recordings of Sarus Crane unison and pair alarm calls in the Gulf Plains.

Sarus Crane breeding FAQs updated

↓ Sarus Cranes at breeding wetland, Gulf Plains (John Grant)

Sarus breeding wetland, Gulf Plains

Revised Sarus Crane breeding FAQs» with new information on breeding habitat, and maps comparing the (very few) historical observations with extensive new data from Gulf Plains research.

Where to see Sarus Cranes in Australia

↓ Sarus Cranes at Bromfield Swamp, aerial view (John Grant)

Bromfield Swamp aerial view

A new page about where to view Sarus Cranes in Australia». Draws on information from recent research on Sarus Crane ecology, covering the Gulf Plains breeding area and the Atherton Tablelands, where a significant proportion of Australia's Sarus Cranes spend the non-breeding dry season.

New research papers

Ozcranes Research» gives links to recent research papers on Australian Brolgas and Sarus Cranes.

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Please Email us to post your project or event in the Diary. For projects or databases accepting sightings, please see Ozcranes Research»


Five north Queensland Natural Resource Management regions are home to almost all Australia's Sarus Cranes, and significant populations of Brolgas. News, events and many resources are avalable from their websites.


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