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From the many crane resources worldwide we've tried to select a few of particular interest to Ozcranes readers. Here in Part 1, we include world cranes, Brolga, Sarus Crane and organisations.

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World cranes – multi-purpose sites

International Crane Foundation

The International Crane Foundation (ICF) leads and collaborates in many crane research and conservation projects worldwide. The site has extensive information about cranes, crane conservation projects and research, a significant digital library, photo gallery and kids pages. The best place to start is their comprehensive Site Map.

European Crane Working Group

The European Crane Working Group website has English and Spanish versions, and hosts multiple resources including research projects and articles. News on counts of migrating Common Cranes Grus grus is available in four languages.


Check the US Government Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (NPWRC) to explore their many resources on cranes, crane research and conservation. A significant resource is the free online book The Cranes (Meine and Archibald 1996, covering status and conservation all 15 world crane species). An updated volume is expected to be published late in 2013.

Patuxent WRC, also in the U.S, has materials on bird migration and crane conservation.


Logo Kwa-Zulu Natal Wattled Crane Group

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Brolgas & Sarus – Popular Books

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Brolgas & Sarus On-line


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Outside Australia

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