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Scientific research is the bedrock for our understanding of Brolgas, Sarus Cranes, their behaviour and ecology, and interactions with industries like agriculture and tourism. Ozcranes Research will present or link to studies that advance our understanding of cranes and their conservation, and highlight knowledge gaps.

As well, we'll publicise research support activities like wetland bird monitoring and bird record database projects, where the public can make valuable contributions to current and future research. Research students, birdwatching groups monitoring cranes in wetlands, and others, are welcome to post project summaries here – please contact us.

Current Projects

Research Abstracts & theses

Crane Specialist Group

Three Australians working on crane research and conservation are members of the Crane Specialist Group (CSG), a network of specialists convened by the International Crane Foundation, for the Species Survival Commission (Wetlands International/ IUCN). Read bios, research and other interests for the Australian members, John D A Grant, Inka Veltheim and Elinor Scambler.

Knowledge Gaps

Sarus with young

Sarus Crane with young, Atherton Tablelands (Sandy Carroll)

Knowledge Gaps 1» looks at issues well on the way to being settled that still may confuse or intrigue, like Sarus Crane subspecies and time of residence in Australia.

Knowledge Gaps 2» includes major challenges like the Brolga-Sarus hybrid issue; habitat preferences of both species; development characters (plumage, leg and head colouring) for immatures; and Sarus Crane Conservation status.

About Research

Ozcranes ‘About Research’ Science Tour» asks: What's scientific research? How is it different from the mass of information flooding out of government agencies, lobby groups, the internet? Read some interesting examples from crane research, to get comfortable with terms like peer-review, grey literature and abstract, and use them to weigh up claims or statements about cranes and their environment.


Explore more crane research links worldwide: organisations, articles and projects in Ozcranes Resources pages.

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