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Welcome to Part 2 of the Cranes in Flight Gallery. We hope you enjoy these images of Brolgas and Sarus Cranes in all the stages of flight: takeoff, landing and in the air. Please support our generous contributing photographers if you have grant-funded or commercial projects.

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Cranes in Flight 2

Brolga calling

Brolgas take flight, calling (Birds as Poetry) ↑ ↓

Brolga calling

↓ Flight intention: a Brolga stretches wings before initiating takeoff and flight, in a western Queensland swamp ...

Brolga spreads wings Brolga starts takeoff

↑ then starts its run-up ...

↓ and takes off (Rob Gray)

Brolga takes off

↓ Two Brolgas and two Sarus Cranes fly down to roost in Bromfield Swamp, far north Queensland (D Stowe). The Brolgas show a dewlap (throat pouch) in profile, and less red on the head and neck

Brolga pair and Sarus pair

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