Crane Art 4

Cranes at Christmas

Australians whatever their background, still wish Happy Christmas and New Year, rather than the American ‘Happy Holidays’. Nevertheless it's the USA that seems to produce the most glamorous decorations, including the International Crane Foundation with items from their gift shop. Origami artists also take Christmas to heart and for good fortune in China, you can buy Christmas Santa stockings featuring the endangered Red-crowned Crane.

Tree decorations

Christmas tree decorations, available from the International Crane Foundation (ICF).
L: Blue Crane (Africa); C: Whooping Crane (USA); R: Grey Crowned Crane (Africa)

crane decoration crane decoration crane decoration

Carved wooden snowflakes, with cranes (ICF)

crane decoration crane decoration

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Many people have adapted traditional origami cranes for Christmas decor.

Crane Christmas origami by Ryan Robinson

Christmas origami


Metal Whooping Crane mobiles from Haiti, for Christmas or all year round (ICF)

Crane mobiles

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